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Patient-Family Housing is a caring place where families can find hope and support. These places allow families to stay close to loved ones as they undergo serious procedures or are in critical conditions due to illness or injury at nearby hospitals. 

This PLC Project offers additional support to local patient-family housing facilities and its guest by providing vouchers that help disadvantaged families with meals, transportation, and other needs while residing in these facilities.



PLC understands that not only is the parent that is serving our country in the US Military heroes, we also know that their families they left behind to protect this nation are heroes as well.

PLC created this project with the hopes of providing grants, scholarships, school supplies, and other resources to struggling families that have loved ones serving overseas. 


This charity project of PLC is a catalyst to provide gamers another avenue of giving to others who are less fortunate and are facing economic and/or social challenges.  Gamers give to a fund that will allow disadvantaged kids in shelters, to receive school supplies, computers, and scholarships for various educational camps. 



This PLC project is aimed to support the needs of youth and adults of the LGBTQ Community.  The project name was derived from the example of firing off a signal flare when there is a need of rescue or assistance.  The Flare project will provide community connections, peer-support and  resource information to people in the LGBTQ community.  It will be a safe environment for people of all ages where they can speak on the phone or via internet chat with a caring volunteer to discuss any issue they are facing and get directed to resources that can assist with anything from coming out, bullying, family issues, and a lot more. 



PLC's objective is to empower, educate, and provide resources to help women have self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, and establish themselves as a powerful force in their community and society overall.  These incredible women will network with others and reach out to disadvantaged and homeless women, helping them to become self-sufficient, financially stable and a pillar in their respective communities. 



PLC understands that nothing can be more devastating to a family that the loss of a newborn child. This type of loss doesn't discriminate or care about race, religion, nationality, or financial status... the loss of a precious little one is hard on everyone. Our West Coast Angel Gowns project provides grieving families with an "Angel Gown" made from wedding dresses donated by loving brides in the surrounding communities and across the country.  Our seamstresses are caring volunteers that wants a family to know someone in the community cares and is thinking about them.   Our gowns are provided to any family at no charge.  



A forum comprised of Volunteers, Mentors, Advisors, and Staff to discuss future projects and programs within their chapter of the Phoenix Leadership Center.  The focus is on allowing the Volunteers to join the staff and weigh in on the performance of the programs, community projects, and future events.


R.I.S.E. (Raising Individual's Self - Esteem)


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